On the last Tuesday of every month, River City hosts a Night of Healing Prayer that is open to anyone in our community that needs physical, emotional, or spiritual healing prayer. Everyone who comes has the opportunity to receive prayer from our trained Prayer Team in a loving environment. Please join us and allow God the chance to bring healing to your need. Contact Lance and Jayne Craig for more info at lancecraig@me.com

On the second Tuesday of each month, we host an open night of prayer. The church sanctuary is opened and music is played in the background. If you are looking for a safe place to seek God, come check out Open Prayer Night. Contact Justin and Aletta Cook for more info at amp1177@gmail.com

Each Sunday morning at 9:15 AM, a group of people gather together to pray throughout the church space for the service. Contact Linda Legros for more info at ljlegros@yahoo.com

On Sunday mornings, we dedicate the last portion of the service to ministry time. There are ministry teams along the altar that pray with people. If you are interested in joining the prayer team, contact Linda Legros at ljlegros@yahoo.com

Once a year, we dedicate a week to seek the Lord in prayer. The church space is transformed to have interactive prayer stations and is opened for people to come in and seek the Lord in prayer. Contact Lance and Jayne Craig for more info at lancecraig@me.com