In 2016, River City started a partnership with Daughters of Hope in South India. This is a business that alleviates poverty and social oppression by employing marginalized women. They also train and educate young girls and children to break the systemic cycle of poverty and bring hope to those trapped in hopeless situations.

PRAY (1) for the local missionaries and their families, (2) that God would reveal Himself to the families at DOH, and (3) that God would cause our partnership to be mutually beneficial.

GIVE by sponsoring one girl’s education for $50 per month for a 10 month commitment. Follow this link for more info.

GO. Consider going on the next short-term trip with the River City family.

For more info on DOH, please email Jordan Craig.



In 2007, our church network began a partnership with Potter’s Church in Scotland, to provide a youth camp for their students. Over the years, the Potter’s students have grown deeper in their faith and taken on leadership roles at the camp, in their churches and communities, and around the globe on short- and long-term missions.  In 2015, RCC sent its first team to Scotland, deepening the network’s relationship with Potter’s Church.  We look forward to continuing this partnership in the future.
For more info on this partnership, email Bill Pinto.